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Captain Abdul's Pirate School 2004 г 40 стр ISBN 076362540X инфо 2273l.

Book DescriptionThe incorrigible Colin McNaughton sets sail with a hilarious high-seas, high-time adventure for every swashbuckling young matey Ahoy! CAPTAIN ABDUL'S PIRATE SCHOOL finds a reluctant pirate puантовpil stuck on a ship with CaptainAbdul, a scary scoundrel with more missing pieces than a secondhand jigsaw puzzle Will there be a mutiny? Or will this junior pirate end up having more fun than any kid could imagine?.

Цена 509 руб.

Millions 2004 г Мягкая обложка, 250 стр ISBN 0330433318 инфо 2275l.

Book Description It was a one-in-a-million chance A bag crammed with cash comes tumbling out of the air and lands right at Damian's feet Suddenly the Cunningham brothers are rich Very rich They can buy aанскеnything they want There's just one problem -- they have only seventeen days to spend all the money before it becomes worthless And the crooks who stole the cash in the first place are closing in -- fast A funny, brilliantly clever and utterly thrilling debut novel аяшруthat is, quite simply, unforgettable.

Цена 501 руб.

Weather's Here, Wish You Were Great (Castaways) 2005 г 192 стр ISBN 0689875975 инфо 2277l.

Book Description Ship to shore! Or whatever that expression is Yup, still here on this dumb island, and still no sign of rescue Feels like all we've been doing is hauling firewood around and gathering fанскжood Cleaning up an island is one thing, but this is not what I signed up for! Anyway, now we're planning a dance, if you can believe that The sky looks a little overcast, but the dance might be fun (even though it was Evil Angela's idea) Especially since I'm tryingаяшрц to figure out whether Josh likes me or not If only Kenny would stop bugging me, things might be okay I mean, seriously, what else could go wrong?.

Цена 347 руб.

Time Out, Vol 4 (Outernet) 2003 г 192 стр ISBN 0439343542 инфо 2279l.

Book DescriptionJack, Merle, and Loaf have been planet-hopping across the galaxy ever since they discovered the Server It looks like a laptop, but has power beyond any computer system on Earth And of course,анскй there are a slew of bad guys who want to steal it to capture its power Jack and his friends are battling to keep the Server safe But this little machine holds another big surprise Not only does the Server have the power to teleport people from place to place, it caаяшрчn actually transport our heroes through time And time travel opens up a whole new galaxy of possibilities.

Цена 346 руб.

Dragon Slayers' Academy 13: Beware! It's Friday the 13th (Dragon Slayers' Academy) 2005 г 112 стр ISBN 0448435314 инфо 2281l.

Book Description Things couldn't be better for the greedy headmaster of DSA Lasses are lining up to enroll in his school, and more students means more gold! But when The Medieval Times headline announces thatанрчя the Bad Luck Dragon is on its way to DSA, Mordred orders his students to hunt for every good luck charm ever invented But can a bunch of phony 4-leaf clovers help Wiglaf and his friends defeat the dragon Snagglefahng?or will their luck run out?.

Цена 341 руб.

We're Going on a Bear Hunt 2004 г ISBN 0763624292 инфо 2274l.

Book DescriptionExpand one of the best-loved children’s books into endless new dimensions with this hour-long CD packed with story readings, games, music, and activities Pick one of the most treasured contemанрчшporary children’s tales, listen to a dramatic reading accompanied by music and sound effects, and get ready for a whole new story experience! This compelling CD pack offers a full hour of story-inspired interactive fun, including: - participatory games - scenes to actаяшви out - learning songs, rhythms, and movements - suggestions for simple crafts Ideal for both individuals and groups — at home, on a long car ride, in a classroom, or at a party — this entertaining and educational recording willenergize children’s imaginations time and again and leave an indelible impression of the story it celebrates.

Цена 506 руб.

Toad Rage 2005 г 176 стр ISBN 0375827633 инфо 2276l.

Book DescriptionLimpy’s family reckons humans don’t hate cane toads, but Limpy knows otherwise He’s spotted the signs: the cross looks, the unkind comments, the way they squash cane toads with their cars Limантогpy is desperate to save hisspecies from ending up as pancakes Somehow he must make humans see how fabulous cane toads really are Risking everything, he sets off on a wart-tinglingly dangerous and daring journey to the Olympics? This is the epic story of a sligаящмыhtly squashed young cane toad’s quest for the truth From the Hardcover edition.

Цена 371 руб.

Isle Be Seeing You (Castaways) 2005 г 192 стр ISBN 0689875983 инфо 2278l.

Book Description I'm at the end of my rope! Like getting shipwrecked and surviving a hurricane weren't bad enough! Now I've got to support my sort of boyfriend's plan to get off this island, even though I tанрчщhink his idea's kinda lame But with everything going so well between us, I don't want to rock the boatermake waveswell, you know what I mean! Especially with Evil Angela supporting Josh's plan all the way I wish I knew what to do The stakes are pretty highаяшвй now And I can't help wondering if maybe, just maybe, there's another way to get back home.

Цена 347 руб.

The Game Of Sunken Places 2005 г 288 стр ISBN 0439416612 инфо 2280l.

AmazoncomHave you ever read a children's book about a boy or girl who visits an eccentric relative's mansion for vacation? Oh--of course you have Well, MT Anderson's The Game of Sunken Places is one such bанрчэook Thirteen-year-old Gregory Buchanan's Uncle Max is very strange, as Gregory is quick to tell his friend Brian Thatz whom he enlists to join him in Vermont Uncle Max, or Maximilian Grendle, and Gregory's cousin Prudence live in the "kind of world where there'sаяшвл organ music that gets louderwhen he eats refined sugar" Well, not exactly, but that's a typical Gregory-style comment Brian and Gregory's adventure begins when they find an old board game called The Game of Sunken Places As it turns out, the Game is reality, and the boys must participate and win in order to settle the score in an age-old battle of enchanted spirit-nations The story involves Brian, the quieter, more sensible friend, coming into his own and proving that, thoбмышмugh not flashy, he is capable and brave In addition, it examines the lifelong friendship between two very different boys Also a suspenseful adventure, the story leads the boys to an ax-wielding, riddle-bearing (and hilarious) troll, an ogre named Snarth, the wee elf Sniggleping (not as cute as he sounds), translucent ghost riders, and much more While the dialogue is exceedingly smart and funny, and the characters vividly drawn, the story bogs down a bit in twists and turns, leaving the reader wishing for a road map as much as the boys wish they had one for the Game Still, Anderson, author of the popular Burger Wuss, Thirsty, and Feed, surprises his fans again with something utterly new and different (Ages 10 and older) --Karin SnelsonBook Description When Brian and Gregory receive an invitation to stay at a distant relative's strange manse well, they should know better than to go, since this is a middle-grade adventure novel But they go anyway Why not? Once theбсуыжre, they stumble upon The Game of Sunken Places, a board game that mirrors a greater game in which they have suddenly become players Soon the boys are dealing with attitudinal trolls, warring kingdoms, and some very starchy britches Luckily, they have wit, deadpan observation, and a keen sense of adventure on their side.

Цена 435 руб.

The Ghost of Sir Herbert Dungeonstone (Dragon Slayers' Academy) 2004 г 109 стр ISBN 0448435306 инфо 2282l.

Book Description What are those strange noises coming from the dungeon at DSA? Wiglaf and his stalwart cohorts Angus and Erica decide to investigate and inadvertently free the long-imprisoned ghost of the schoантооol founder—Sir Herbert Dungeonstone Overjoyed to be on the loose again, Sir Herbert wreaks havoc, threatening to spoil the greedy headmaster’s plan to turn DSA coed.

Цена 341 руб.