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Dragon Slayers Academy 14: Pig Latin--Not Just for Pigs! (Dragon Slayer's Academy) 2005 г 112 стр ISBN 0448438208 инфо 2283l.

Book DescriptionWhen Mordred announces a three-day weekend for DSA, Wiglaf and his friends (including his Pig Latin–speaking pig, Daisy) are off to Erica’s castle But when they arrive, they discover that Ericансклa’s father, King Ken, has come down with a horrible case of liver pox The wizard Zelnoc manages to cure the king’s pox, but as with all the wizard’s spells, there’s a magical mishap Now, King Ken can only speak in Pig Latin! Can Zelnoc fix his mistake, or is there a аяшрщbetter chance that pigs will fly?.

Цена 340 руб.

Otto Goes to the Beach 2003 г 24 стр ISBN 0316738700 инфо 2285l.

Book DescriptionThere's a new dog in town and his name is Otto, a lovable, goofy dog sure to win over the preschool set In each adventure, Otto faces a familiar childhood dilemma and resolves it in a surprisiанскрng, silly, and satisfying way What should a dog left alone in the house do? Go to the beach and meet a new friend, of course! How should a dog get himself to fall asleep? Why, he should dream about all his favorite things! Todd Parr's signature bright colors and bold аяшрыimages burst out on every pageEach easy-to-read story ends with a special reassuring message from Otto, giving these books the same personal touch that proved so popular in Parr's previous bestselling titles It's Okay to Be Different and The Feelings Book.

Цена 5900 руб.

See Pip Point (Adventures of Otto) 2004 г 32 стр ISBN 0689851405 инфо 2287l.

Book Description Otto's little friend Pip is in big trouble! Help, Otto, help! Meet Otto's friend, Pip Pip wants Otto's balloon Otto's balloon is very, very big Pip is very, very small So when Otto giveантосs Pip his balloon, abreeze sweeps Pip and the balloon up, up, and away! It's up to Otto (with some help from Zee the Bee) to rescue his friend Help, Otto, help! See Pip Point is the third book in this new Ready-to-Read series about Otto and his adventures on Earth thаящнбat are perfect for beginning readers and their older siblings Read, Otto, read!.

Цена 225 руб.

Roger, the Jolly Pirate 2004 г 40 стр ISBN 0066238056 инфо 2289l.

Book Description Jolly Roger was a lousy pirate Whenever there was any real pirating to be done, the other pirates scowled and sent him away Jolly Roger often wished he could think of something -- anythinанршвg -- that would make the other pirates like him Then one day, in the middle of a great battle, Jolly Roger had a wonderful idea and pirate ships would never be the same again!.

Цена 6988 руб.

Joust of Honor (Knight's Story, A) 2005 г 144 стр ISBN 0689872402 инфо 2291l.

Book Description I became aware of a fierce, stabbing pain in my shoulder where Hengist's lance had struck I'd felt the blow of a blunted tournament lance many times before -- a dull, bruising ache But thiанршгs was different I put my hand to my shoulder and was shocked to feel the end of a shattered lance shaft A red mist descended I was gripped by a murderous rage I jumped to my feet, and as I drew my sword, the crowd gave a thunderous roar.

Цена 659 руб.

Nick Ready-to-Read Boxed Set : Learn to Read with SpongeBob and Friends! (Ready-to-Reads) 2004 г 32 стр ISBN 0689870531 инфо 2284l.

Book Description Learn to Read with SpongeBob and Friends! Children can build their reading skills and a Nickelodeon library with this boxed set of six Ready-to-Read stories And better yet, they can bring анскоthese books with them wherever they go!.

Цена 5047 руб.

Ahoy, Pirate Pete (Change-The-Story Books) 2004 г 14 стр ISBN 0763621978 инфо 2286l.

Book DescriptionAhoy, mateys! Little pirates are invited aboard to create their own story — and make it different each time One day Pirate Pete is sailing the ocean blue, searching for treasure "Shiverанршб me timbers," he says "I see aseagull in the sky!" No, wait, make that a spaceship Or should it be a pig? This hilarious change-the-story book — a companion to ONCE UPON A TIME — offers a selection of press-out pictures on each page With thousands of аяшвоpossible variations, readers will have endless fun designing a pirate tale that can range from classic to kooky, depending on the mood of the moment!.

Цена 4629 руб.

The Odorous Adventures of Stinky Dog (Tales From the House of Bunnicula) 2004 г 112 стр ISBN 068987412X инфо 2288l.

Book Description Dear possible reader of this book, What's faster than a speeding bullet and more powerful than a pound of Gorgonzola cheese? It's Stinky Dog, the hero of my new book By a stroke of fate (oансктr is it destiny?) the lovable (notto mention cute) Howie Monroe is transformed into Stinky Dog, protector of the innocent (Don't worry, he's still lovable) (Not to mention cute) The secret of Stinky Dog's power is Super Stench -- an odor so strong it can bend steel!аяшсв (Am I good or what?) Joined by a smart-mouthed sidekick, a sparrow named Little D, Stinky Dog tries to save Center City from villainous, low-life, miserable, rotten, wicked, kindergarten-scissors-stealing gangs who roam the streets, knocking down little old ladies and running off with their handbags! Your friend, Howie.

Цена 225 руб.

Dragon's Hoard (Knight's Story, A) 2005 г 144 стр ISBN 0689872410 инфо 2290l.

Book Description "Wake up, Sir Knight! Wake up!" My eyes snapped open, and I sprang to my feet, drawing my sword as I did so There was the merchant, the whites of his terrified eyes glinting inантоу the firelight He was raving "It's out there!" he cried "It's out there!" "What's out there?" I asked, placing a hand on his shoulder to steady him The merchant gripped my arm with both hands and drew his face close to mine His foreаящндhead was drenched with sweat, his eyes were wide, his voice a little more than a whisper "The dragon, of course," he croaked.

Цена 659 руб.

Little Red Ink Drinker (Ink Drinker) 2003 г 48 стр ISBN 0385729677 инфо 2292l.

Book DescriptionOdilon and Carmilla love sucking up the ink in books with their twin straw Especially the ink in adventure stories! But as they begin one of their favorite tales, it’s the straw that sucks theантофm in–and plops them right into the story .

Цена 653 руб.