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The Tree Seekers 2005 г 178 стр ISBN 0595355536 инфо 4999l.

The Tree Seekers 2005 г 178 стр ISBN 0595355536 инфо 4999l.

Book Description“I’m sorry,” Becky said “But I don’t have any experience at being a queen And if I did, I wouldn’t be using it to rule over a bunch of pigs My brothers and sisters would eventually find out ансмиand never let me live it down I’d be known as Becky, the Pig Queen, forever and ever So, if you don’t mind, I think I’ll stay here until the path returns” “Oh,” the small pig said “So it’s down to bargaining now is it?” Becky Harrington is having a bad day After dаяштеiscovering a map of their backyard in a mysterious magic book, Becky and her two younger brothers and twin sisters find themselves trapped in a strange land But before they can go home, they must perform a confusing task: find a tree that doesn’t look like a tree, and return it to a place they know nothing about! After Becky becomes separated from her brothers and sisters, she encounters a group of wacky pigs who want her for their queen And if that’s not enough, money-hungry goblinбмыюпs, an egotistical fairy monster, a young man who shivers when it’s not cold, and an assortment of animals and oddball characters wait to thwart the children’s every move Will they be able to overcome these obstacles and make it home safely?.

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