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How to Be a Superhero 2003 г 26 стр ISBN 1412004802 инфо 4995l.

How to Be a Superhero 2003 г 26 стр ISBN 1412004802 инфо 4995l.

Book DescriptionInto the world of children's books entertainment Comes the newest, most amazing team, With a book about superheroes That was created out of a childhood dream These dreamers and this dream coанупнme true Are guaranteed to make you smile They have the lyrical and artistic skills That combine for a simply magical style Mikie D is a master of rhyme With a story that is sure to delight And The Toonman will dazzle your eyes With illustrations that are out of sightаяъзы!!! You are certain to enjoy the journey Through their first of many great books, And you shouldn't judge a book by its cover But this one's as good as it looks!!! Follow Little Mikie's adventures As he finally comes to find out What it takes to be a superhero And what being a real hero is all about!!! As Mikie gets bigger and smarter, He learns, much to his surprise, That most superheroes in this world Don't wear a cape or a disguise He realizes that there is no need to pretend Bбмьшьecause superheroes are more real than fake, So if he really wants to be one, Then there are 5 steps that he must take So join Little Mikie on his quest Through this book that's sure to inspire, Whether you're defending a country, Teaching children, or putting out a fire Do not hesitateDon't wait any longer, Get your copy of How To Be A Superhero today, And stay tuned for our next amazing creation: The Blue Achiever is soon on his way!!!.

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