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Simeon's Gift (Julie Andrews Collection) 2003 г 40 стр ISBN 0060089156 инфо 2240l.

Simeon's Gift (Julie Andrews Collection) 2003 г 40 стр ISBN 0060089156 инфо 2240l.

AmazoncomConvinced that his "lowly status" and the "simplicity of his art" will never provide more than a "meager existence" for his beloved, minstrel Simeon sets out on a fairy ансихtale-like quest to free the music "deep in his soul" He encounters a veritable symphony of new sounds on his pilgrimage--the insistent beat of soldiers' drums, the harmonic chanting of monks, the general cacophony of a big city--but sadly, this barrage of neаяшптw sounds bewilders and overwhelms Simeon, who feels his own attempts atsong suffer in comparison Lonely and weary, he abandons his quest and trades his lute for a canoe to take him home On the way, Simeon befriends a bright little bird, a beautiful fish, and lovely fawn who become his companions Heartened by his new friends and overjoyed to see his beloved Sorrel, Simeon breaks into song and discovers the music of his soul Julie Andrews Edwards, author of The Last of the Really бмыэлGreat Whangdoodles and star of Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music, has teamed up again with her daughter, Emma Walton Hamilton (Dumpy the Dumptruck, etc), for an original story with all the elements of traditional fairy tales Award-winning illustrator Gennady Spirin creates magical pictures that hearken back to Renaissance era artists Also includes a reading by the charming Julie Andrews Edwards (Ages 5 to 8) --Emilie CoulterBook Description CD included with a reading by Julie Andrews Edwards In a faraway time and place, a humble musician named Simeon sets out on a quest Thirsting for knowledge and eager to improve his craft, he risks losing all that is important to him, including the love of his beautiful Sorrel The journey brings many discoveries, and though he trieshard to absorb the vast new tapestry of sounds and ideas before him, the scope of choices eventually becomes overwhelming Dispirited, he turns for home -- and alone in the grace of nature, he experiбсуьчences a series of wondrous events that lead him to the discovery of his own true self, and the glorious gift he has to offer Julie Andrews Edwards and Emma Walton Hamilton -- with stunning illustrations from Gennady Spirin -- weave a magical tale with a timeless lesson about beauty, music, and the power of giving.

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