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Seaward Born 2004 г 160 стр ISBN 0689848609 инфо 5068l.

Book Description "Sometimes a man has to risk everything to do what's right Doing it is what makes him a man" Thirteen-year-old Michael knows he is lucky Few slaves in 1805 Charleston are whereанутх they want to be But Michael works on the docks and ships in Charleston Harbor, close to the seas he longs to sail Life seems good But when Michael's protective mistress dies, everything changes, and Michael's friend Jim encourages him to run away Michael is torn аяъйоShould he risk everything for a chance at freedom in some unknown place? Or should he stay -- is staying safe worth staying a slave?.

Цена 340 руб.

I, Houdini 2003 г 128 стр ISBN 0440419247 инфо 5070l.

Book DescriptionOne family’s household has been in a state of disarray because of one small furry problem Meet Houdini, an extraordinarily brilliant escapologist No, not that Houdini This one is a hamster анстдOnce you meet him, you will understand that his owners just couldn’t name him anything else, for his name is quite fitting He can escape from anything—a cage or the clutches of a mean cat While on his escapades, he causes all kinds of trouble from chewing through wirаяшциes to causing a flood But Houdini thinks it’s all worth it, because he is desperate to explore the great Outdoors But once he gets out, will he ever come back? Or will this be his final escape?.

Цена 359 руб.

Phantom Stallion #11: Untamed (Phantom Stallion) 2004 г 224 стр ISBN 0060561599 инфо 5072l.

Book Description For the Phantom, there is only one girl, For Sam, ther is only one horse Samantha discovers a plot to wipe out the wild horses near her family's ranch, but she can't convince anyone elsанстнe that the Phantom's herd needs help When her insistence that the mustangs are in danger pits her against her family, her classmates, and the local sheriff, her only friend left is the Phantom Stallion Can he help her solve the mustang mystery before her dad sends hаяшцлer out of harms way, back to San Francisco?.

Цена 355 руб.

Lily Quench and the Magician's Pyramid (Lily Quench) 2004 г 176 стр ISBN 0142401633 инфо 5074l.

Book DescriptionAt Skellig Mor, Lily and Queen Dragon discovered the secret of the Eyes in Time Now they must confront the creators of these dangerous magical devices But before they can reach their destinatанутчion, Lily and Queen Dragon are captured and imprisoned From her cell, Lily hears the frightened cries of a dragon in distress, and fears the worst has happened to her friend.

Цена 351 руб.

Mcgrowl #3 (McGrowl) 2003 г 192 стр ISBN 0439434564 инфо 5076l.

Book DescriptionThomas's class is taking a trip to Devil's Island, and Thomas is bringing along his bionic best friend, McGrowl Thomas and McGrowl can't wait to take part in all the fun nature activities Butанстт the boy-and-dog dream team soon notice something fishy about the trip's leaders, Pop and Mamie Keeler Could this pair possibly be the evil duo, back to cause more mayhem? And if so, will they use a dangerous volcano on the island to destroy Cedar Springs once and forаяшцм all? It's up to Thomas and McGrowl to find out the truth about the Keelers and put a stop to their plansbefore it's too late!.

Цена 350 руб.

The Challenger (Phantom Stallion #6) 2003 г 208 стр ISBN 0064410900 инфо 5069l.

Book Description For the Phantom, there is only one girl For Sam, there is only one horse Wildcats have been spotted nearby, but they haven't hurt the ranch horses - yet So Samantha is outraged when a neанстгighboring rancher vows to kill the cats on sight Her family's horses may be safe, but out on the range Sam spots a wild young stallion without a herd Being alone puts this horse in danger But can Sam protect the rebellious mustang and still save the wildcats?.

Цена 361 руб.

The Voyage of Patience Goodspeed (Aladdin Historical Fiction) 2004 г 224 стр ISBN 0689848692 инфо 5071l.

Book Description October 1835 Patience Goodspeed, almost thirteen years old, departs from Nantucket aboard her father's whaling ship Between kitchen duty and whale blubber stench, this voyage is far from aансте pleasure cruise At least Papa lets Patience assist the ship's navigator since she's so good at calculations But the smooth sailing doesn't last long Mutinous mates maroon most of the crew, including Patience's father and brother, on a deserted island Can Patienceаяшцк rescue everyone before it's too late?.

Цена 357 руб.

Lily Quench 7 The Search for King Dragon (Lily Quench) 2005 г 192 стр ISBN 0142402672 инфо 5073l.

Book Description In the distant past, during the Great War of the Dragons, Queen Dragon's fiancŽ disappeared through the Eye in Time, never to be heard from again Now Lily Quench has discovered a clue to his ансойwhereabouts, and she must accompany Queen Dragon to find him They arrive safely in a magical place known as the Valley of Eydelen, land of the dragons, ignorant of the fact that, back home, the unthinkable has happened: Gordon the Black Count has finally returned to rаяшуоeclaim the Black Empire! With Queen Dragon and its Chief Quencher away, the fate of Ashby looks grim .

Цена 353 руб.

The Big Wander 2004 г 192 стр ISBN 0689870701 инфо 5075l.

Book Description A Summer To Remember Fourteen-year-old Clay Lancaster has been dreaming for years of the adventure he calls The Big Wander -- a summer in the Southwest with his older brother, Mike, searchiанутшng for their uncle Clay When Mikedecides to return home to Seattle and the girlfriend he left behind, Clay chooses to stay on and continue the search on his own Following a tip about his uncle, he heads out into the most remote canyons of the Navajo reservation, witаяъйрh only a burro and a dog named Curly for company Clay loses his heart to the vast, rugged land -- and to an adventurous girl with a long, dark braid -- but finds his uncle in big trouble Can Clay pull off a risky plan to save his uncle -- and the wild horses Uncle Clay has put his own life in jeopardy to protect?.

Цена 350 руб.

The Wizard's Apprentice (Keepers) 2003 г 192 стр ISBN 0689855923 инфо 5077l.

Book Description CAN THEY ALL SURVIVE? Princess Arenelle has done what no other girl in the history of Eldearth has done! She has completed the Quest to become the next Imperial Wizard, Keeper of the Light ансорthat protects Eldearth from Evil Soon she will be apprenticed to the current Keeper, and her training will begin Or will it? When Arenelle's father, King Einar, discovers that he has a long lost son, the King has a change of heart, forbidding Nell to proceed The boаяшусy must be the Chosen One, the King decrees It is he who should become Apprentice Nell is in turn outraged and bewildered by this turn of events, all the more so when she discovers that her long lost brother is Owen, the very same street urchin she discovered in the Lanes and sent off to Witch Academy to pose as herself In this continuation of The Keeper's saga, Nell defies the King and decides to pursue the Wizardry anyway, but when her brother falls into the hands of the Dark Forбмыюцces and her father sets off on a dangerous rescue mission, all else is forgotten and Nell embarks on a rescue mission of her own Can Nell unravel the puzzle of the dark, mysterious forces that seek to prevent her -- or her brother -- from becoming the next Keeper?.

Цена 347 руб.