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Me Oh Maya (Time Warp Trio) Издательство: Viking Juvenile, 2003 г Твердый переплет, 80 стр ISBN 0670036293 инфо 2253l.

Joe, Sam, and Fred have been thrown back in time yet again This time the Trio find themselves whisked by The Book from a basketball court in Brooklyn to the main ring ball court in Chich&eacuten Itzá, Mexансйгico The year is 1000 a dand the rules are a little different Now the boys are playing for their lives with the Mayan High Priest as their opponent Will they be able to get home before they learn the true meaning of a sudden death penalty? Illustrated by Adam McCaаяшпюuley Автор Джон Сайесзка Jon Scieszka.

Цена 678 руб.

My Life as a Splatted Flat Quarterback (Incredible Worlds of Wally Mcdoogle) 2005 г 128 стр ISBN 0849959950 инфо 2255l.

Book Description In this latest hardcover edition with black-and-white illustrations, our bungling hero, Wally McDoogle, runs into trouble-this time by unfairly judging others What if every time you gossipeантнрd about somebody, you turned into the person you were gossiping about?! After a series of mistaken identities, Wally finds himself playing quarterback in the Super Bowl (a lot of fun for about 23 seconds) But it's not until he tries to see people through the eyes of аящмтGod that he realizes it's better to love than to judge Parents will love to watch their kids giggling along to the hilarious antics of Wally while learning important life lessons and a love of reading.

Цена 661 руб.

Henry and Mudge and the Wild Goose Chase (Henry & Mudge) paths with an angry goose! инфо 2257l.

Book Description In Henry and Mudge's twenty-third adventure, they're off for a day in the country While Henry's parents are buying farm-fresh food, he and Mudge enjoy meeting some friendly farm animals -- ансйзbut look out when they cross paths with an angry goose!.

Цена 266 руб.

Night of the Living Gerbil 2003 г 96 стр ISBN 0064421155 инфо 2259l.

Book Description Has Robert's pet gerbil become one of the undead? When Exterminator dies, Robert is so crushed, he can't even talk about it It doesn't help that his older brother, Sam, keeps telling deaанрчзd-gerbil jokes Things get even worse when Sam thinks of a plan to cheer Robert up -- and one dark and stormy night, Sam and Robert find themselves right in the middle of the night of the living gerbil!.

Цена 322 руб.

Kim Possible Chapter Book: The New Ron 2003 г 80 стр ISBN 0786844884 инфо 2261l.

Book DescriptionKim Possible's best friend Ron isn't the most stylin' guy Kim has ever met So she doesn't think twice about asking her French hairdresser to give him a cool new do But when a brand-new Ron emантнсerges, Kim has a whole new set of worries New Ron has no problem chatting up the popular girls at school-or giving dastardly ideas on world domination to some energy-hungry supervillains Will Kim be able to save the world-and her friendship with Ron.

Цена 262 руб.

Gaspard and Lisa Friends Forever (Misadventures of Gaspard and Lisa) 2003 г 32 стр ISBN 0375822534 инфо 2254l.

AmazoncomGaspard and Lisa have been best friends for a long time ("since last year") and this endearing book in Anne Gutman and Georg Hallensleben's charming series of small square books tells the sанрцюtory of their friendship Despite the fact that he is the only dog in a classroom of humans, Gaspard (a black dog) thinks Lisa (a white dog) looks weird (And a trifle unwashed, to boot) But everyone else thinks they look like brother and sister, and when he vociferouаяшваsly protests the comparison, Gaspard and Lisa have their first fight Things look up when Gaspard discovers that Lisa is a very fast runner and she helps his team win the race From then on, they are fast friends Fans of the series will love learning the back story, and those unfamiliar with the dynamic duo will enjoy the sweet tale of a budding, if-at-first-rocky friendship (Ages 4 to 8) --Karin SnelsonBook DescriptionGaspard and Lisa have been friends for a long time ever siбмышжnce last year In Gaspard and Lisa Friends Forever, Gaspard recounts how he and Lisa met on the first day of school At first, Gaspard wants nothing to do with her, especially after his classmates joke about how much they look alike, but then Gaspard’s teacher forces him to choose Lisa for his relay team Despite her unusual kangaroo-hop running style, Lisa wins the race for Gaspard’s team and the rest is history—Gaspard and Lisa become friends forever!.

Цена 675 руб.

The Invisible Fran (Franny K Stein, Mad Scientist) 2005 г 112 стр ISBN 0689862970 инфо 2256l.

Book Description There's nothing better than being a mad scientist -- at least according to Franny So she's making in her mission to help her classmates discover their own inner mad scientists All Franny nанрчбeeds for her latest experiment is a few volunteers, a half-completed two-headed robot, and an invisibility potion Only this experiment just might prove to be Franny's most difficult What do you do when your classmates don't know anything about mad science and there'sаяшвб a doubly dumb robot running amok to prove it?.

Цена 268 руб.

Surprise for a Princess (Step into Reading) 2003 г 32 стр ISBN 0736421327 инфо 2258l.

Book DescriptionIt’s Princess Aurora’s birthday, and the good fairies want to prepare a surprise for her without using any magic Young readers will enjoy the fun and mayhem that ensues in this Step 2 reader bанрчеased upon the Disney classic, Sleeping Beauty.

Цена 264 руб.

2095 (Time Warp Trio) 2004 г 80 стр ISBN 0142400440 инфо 2260l.

Book DescriptionEveryone’s favorite time-travelers are changing their style! The Time Warp Trio series now features a brand-new, eye-catching design, sure to appeal to longtime fans, and those new to Jon Sciesансйиzka’s wacky brand of humor.

Цена 318 руб.

Just Add Water and Scream! (Zack Files) 2003 г 64 стр ISBN 0448428873 инфо 2262l.

Book DescriptionWhen Zack and Spencer get the late-night munchies at a sleepover, they curb their hunger with some freeze-dried food that Zack got at the Air & Space Museum After devouring freeze-dried icансйнe cream and pizza, they come across an extra package of freeze-dried something When opened and wet, the shriveled mass starts growing, and growing and growing! How will the boys stop an out-of-control blob from eating everything in sight before it's too late? Illustrаяшпяated by Jack E Davis.

Цена 312 руб.