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Double Jeopardy (Hardy Boys) 2003 г 160 стр ISBN 0689857802 инфо 2173l.

Book Description The Race is on -- But Danger is taking the lead Frank and Joe Hardy can't believe their good luck: The Bayport Herald has given them press passes to cover the Formula One championship in Iантйзndianapolis They soon realize, though, that the competition between the top two racers has gone into overdrive After one of the racers lands in the hospital and the other's garage is burned, Frank and Joe step in to help find the culprit The race is on to solve theаящкд mystery, but soon the brothers find themselves under attack too Will Frank and Joe be left in the dust by a criminal mastermind? Or will they manage to crack the case before there's more trouble on the tracks?.

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No Way Out (Hardy Boys) 2004 г 160 стр ISBN 0689867387 инфо 2175l.

Book Description A Haunted Maze Has Twice The Dead Ends Frank and Joe are thrilled to be taking part in the grand opening celebration of a new maze in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia By solving puzzles -- their антйлspecialty -- they could win a valuable prize! But once they arrive, the teens soon have a new puzzle to solve: The owner and designer of the maze, Chezleigh Alan Horton, suddenly disappears As the boys make their way through a labyrinth of suspects, they face a new аящккtwist Can Frank and Joe unravel a decade-old riddle to save the renowned mazemaster?.

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Sprint Cars: Беспредельная скорость Компьютерная игра CD-ROM, 2008 г Издатель: Полет Навигатора; Разработчик: Big Ant Studios пластиковый Jewel case Что делать, если программа не запускается? инфо 2177l.

Иногда удачная гонка - это когда ты просто добираешься до финишной черты! Гонки по грязи на скоростях свыше 200 километров в час - вот настоящая проверка для профессиональных водителей! Автомобили, мчащиеся вантйуплотную друг к другу и невероятно опасные столкновения - вот что ждет вас на трассе Вы начнете карьеру молодым гонщиком из маленького городка и закончите ее, став национальной легендой Вдавите педаль в пол, но помните, что любой вылет с трассы - это потеря денег за аящкохорошее место на финише! Особенности игры: Различные игровые режимы: карьера, одиночные заезды, соревнования на время Свыше 20 трасс, достойных настоящего гонщика Используйте заработанные деньги для улучшения своего автомобиля! 6 необычных машин: от песчаного багги до пикапов и гольф-картов Возраст: 6+ Язык интерфейса: русский Системные требования: Windows XP SP2; Pentium IV 1,2 ГГц; 512 Мб оперативной памяти; 900 Мб свободного места на жестком диске; DirectX 9 - совмебмьйкстимая 3D видеокарта уровня GeForce 4 и выше (видеокарты серии MX и встроенные не поддерживаются) с памятью 64 Мб; DirectX 9 - совместимая звуковая карта; DirectX 90c; 24-х скоростное устройство для чтения компакт-дисков; Клавиатура; Мышь.

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The Princess of the Fillmore Street School (Olivia Sharp Agent for Secrets) 2005 г 80 стр ISBN 0440420601 инфо 2179l.

Book Description“I, Nate the Great, have something to say My cousin Olivia Sharp is almost (but not quite) the world’s best detective I solve mysteries She’s an agent for secrets You won’t forget Olivia Sанрфшhe won’t let you” Olivia sharp is bac! Rather than solve mysteries like her cousin Nate, Olivia helps friends with their problems by detecting what’s wrong beneath the surface You'll be won over by Olivia’s spunk, eccentricities, and can-do spirit.

Цена 254 руб.

Лос-Анджелесский Дрифт Компьютерная игра CD-ROM, 2007 г Издатель: Полет Навигатора; Разработчик: Uxus Games пластиковый Jewel case Что делать, если программа не запускается? инфо 2181l.

Думаешь то, что показывают по телевизору - это и есть гонки? Забудь - настоящий адреналин течет только по улицам! Дороги большого города Здесь запах бензина и жженой резины кружит горячие головы гонщиков Эанрфщта игра - о скорости и опасности, какими они и должны быть Не существует гоночной дисциплины опаснее дрифтинга! Прими этот вызов! Испытай себя в состязании с самыми безбашенными стритрейсерами виртуального Лос-Анджелеса Особенности игры: Зарабатывай деньги и уважаяшасение стритрейсеров Вступай в гоночные лиги Работай над прокачкой своего автомобиля Побеждай и зарабатывай очки рейтинга Стань звездой уличного автоподполья! Возраст: 12+ Язык интерфейса: русский Системные требования: Windows XР; Pentium IV 1,5 ГГц; 512 Мб оперативной памяти; 550 Мб свободного места на жестком диске; DirectX 9 - совместимая 3D видеокарта уровня GeForce FX 5600 и выше с памятью 128 Мб (встроенные видеокарты не поддерживаются); DirectX 9 - совместимая звубмычкковая карта; DirectX 90c; 24-х скоростное устройство для чтения компакт-дисков; Клавиатура; Мышь.

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Without a Trace (Nancy Drew "All New" Girl Detective #1) who's the real vegetable vandal? инфо 2174l.

AmazoncomEggs and zucchini may sound like a special Sunday omelet to most, but for Nancy Drew, it means it's time to roll up her sleeves and start solving mysteries In this first book of the "modernizedансжч" series featuring the whip-smart girl detective, Nancy is called upon to solve not one but two whodunits, simultaneously Someone has been smashing the neighborhood zucchini patches and the disgruntled gardeners are starting to point fingers at one another Meanwаяшнтhile, a new resident in Nancy's Midwestern town is frantic when she discovers that her old and precious Faberge egg has been stolen Can our favorite not-so-hard-boiled detective unscramble both these cases before it's too late? Fans of Carolyn Keene's classic Nancy Drew series will be pleased to note that, although Nancy has been brought up to date with computers and cell phones, she's still the same sweet girl who volunteers in her spare time All her old buddies are alive and welбмыьъl: George is still a tomboy, but now spends her time surfing the Web; Bess continues to be a bit of a femme fatale, but only in the nicest way; Nancy's boyfriend Ned remains ever faithful and ever patient; and housekeeper Hannah Gruen is as gruffly, bustlingly loving as always New readers will love to sink theirteeth into a "new" series, and may even be inspired to dig out their mothers' old Nancy Drews (Ages 8 to 12) --Emilie CoulterBook Description Hi, I'm Nancy Drew, and I've got a case to crack Actually make that two cases First a gorgeous Fabergé egg has been stolen Who would have the heart to snatch such a precious family heirloom from someone new to town? Some housewarming that is! And if this isn't enough to keep me busy, someone's running through gardens and stomping on all the zucchinis Needless to say, it's a big mess -- in more ways than one Especially for Mr Safer, who is suspected of squishing the squash I'm pretty sure Mr Safer's innocentбсуьт But who's the real vegetable vandal?.

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The Pirates of Pompeii (Roman Mysteries) 2004 г 159 стр ISBN 0142402273 инфо 2176l.

Book Description It is ad 79 The Roman world is reeling from the eruption of Mount Vesuvius Hundreds of refugees are living in a makeshift camp, trying to come to terms with what has happened Then even moансжшre tragedy strikes: the camp’s children begin to disappear Flavia Gemina and her friends Jonathan, Nubia, and Lupus are determined to find out more and start to investigate a powerful and charismatic man known as the Patron A dangerous trail leads them to the caves aаяшнхnd grottoes of Sorrento, where they encounter pirates, slave dealers—and possible death.

Цена 338 руб.

The Legend Of Annie Murphy (Cooper Kids Adventure Series) 2005 г 160 стр ISBN 1400305764 инфо 2178l.

Book Description In 1885, the Murphy mine struck gold According to legend, Annie Murphy killed her husband out of greed, but just before she was to be hanged for the murder, she escaped Now, a hundred yearантйшs later, there have been sightings of AnnieMurphy's "ghost" The Coopers unwittingly become involved in a mystery that finds them caught between the past and the present.

Цена 338 руб.

Last Breath (Body of Evidence) 2004 г 304 стр ISBN 0689865260 инфо 2180l.

Book Description "When a psycho wants to make a statement, and nobody gets it, he's only going to say it louder the next time" Jenna thought spending her summer in Somerset would be quiet and relансзеaxing With classes over and the students home on break, the campus is a ghost town But the summer is not chock-full of R & R In fact, her latest case at the medical examiner's office is anything but quiet A psycho killer is on a rampage, drowning the victims iаяшнщn Boston's most public places It seems everyone is talking about the murders, yet no one has any leads Then Jenna uncovers a key piece of evidence, and she is quickly drawn into the puzzle But the closer they get to the killer, the more frequent -- and more violent -- the drownings become And before Jenna realizes how deep in she's gotten, it's suddenly sink or swim time for herliterally.

Цена 338 руб.

Bailey School Kids #49 (Bailey School Kids) 2004 г 96 стр ISBN 0439650364 инфо 2182l.

Book Description There are some pretty weird grown-ups living in Bailey City But could the presidential candidate visiting town really be a werewolf? The Bailey School kids are going to буйэя find out!.

Цена 225 руб.