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Mcgrowl #5 (McGrowl) 2004 г 176 стр ISBN 0439434580 инфо 2153l.

Book Description Thomas and McGrowl have some interesting new neighbors Cheerful Hiram Biddle and his young niece, Binky, have set up an obedience school for dogs Soon, all the neighborhood pups and poocheанрфдs, including Thomas's own dynamic doggy, are attending But then Thomas and McGrowl's partner-in-adventure, Violet, becomes best buds with Binky-and Thomas feels really left out When Thomas starts to suspect that Binky may not be as friendly as she appears, is he justаяшае jealous--or might he be on to a sinister plan? This tail-wagging thriller will have you guessing until the end!.

Цена 350 руб.

The Witch Returns (Witch Saga) 2005 г 192 стр ISBN 0689853823 инфо 2155l.

Book Description Let my vision be your eyes; Let my cunning make you wise Ear and nose and arm and knee, Come, my pet; I conjure thee Lynn Morley and her best friend Mouse are convinced that something ансеъevil still surrounds themMrs Tuggle's house burned to the ground with the old witch in it But now a new house, exactly like the old one, is being built over the ashes Lynn and Mouse know they won't be free until they stop the wicked power that is haunting their livаяшмсes In this long-awaited finale to the Witch saga, Lynn and Mouse go to battle against the forces of evil Who will emerge the winner?.

Цена 347 руб.

From the Files of Madison Finn: On the Case - Book #17 (From the Files of Madison Finn) (From the Files of Madison Finn) (From the Files of Madison Finn) 2004 г 176 стр ISBN 0786809876 инфо 2157l.

Book Description"Reading level: Ages 9-12 Paperback: 176 pages Publisher: Volo (October 1, 2004) Language: English ISBN: 0786809876 Product Dimensions: 77 x 53 x 05 inches Move over star sleuths, Madisантичon has traded in her laptop for a magnifying glass! After seeing a marathon of the TV show Crime Time, Maddie becomes convinced there are plenty of mysteries to solve in Far Hills But what starts out as fun and games becomes more serious when she stumbles onto a real аящйюmystery".

Цена 346 руб.

Lizzie McGuire Mysteries: In the Doghouse - Book #5 : Junior Novel (Lizzie Mcguire Mysteries) 2005 г 128 стр ISBN 0786846372 инфо 2159l.

Book DescriptionIn the Doghouse (Lizzie McGuire Mystery #5): To raise money for an animal shelter, Lizzie starts her own dog-walking and dog-sitting business with her two best friends, Miranda and Gordo The iантиэdea is such a good one that cheerleaders Kateand Claire are seriously jealous-since their own lame pom-pom fundraiser is a total failure Then someone lets the dogs out of the McGuires' backyard, and Lizzie is really in the doghouse She not only has to track down the аящкбmissing dogs, but she's also got to track down the guilty party before he or she strikes again! Could it be her jealous rivals? Her toxic little brother's idea of a prank? Or what about those two neighbors who wouldn't stop complaining about the barking? Time for snoop dog McGuire to sniff out the truth of this doggone mystery!.

Цена 330 руб.

Lizzie McGuire Mysteries: Case of the Missing She-Geek - Book #3 : Junior Novel (Lizzie Mcguire Mysteries) 2004 г 128 стр ISBN 0786846356 инфо 2161l.

Book DescriptionIn a (failed) effort to be cool in school, Lizzie hurts the feelings of major she-geek Audrey Albright It's a total mistake and Lizzie wants to apologize-but Audrey's disappeared She was lastанрфх seen in the girls' room, crying Then she doesn't come to school for days With Gordo and Miranda in tow, Lizzie follows a trail of clues to a science-fiction convention, where Larry Tudgeman becomes their guide through the underworld of geekdom But is Lizzie really аяшапready to go where no cool kid (like ever!) has gone before?.

Цена 330 руб.

Me and My Robot (All Aboard Reading Station Stop 1) 2003 г 32 стр ISBN 0448428954 инфо 2154l.

Book Description Reese and his super-cool robot have lots of fun playing together But now they have an important mystery to solve: where is their friend Lucy's kitten? Reese and Robot are on the case-but Roboанрфжt's funny mistakes won't make it easy to figure out this mystery!.

Цена 331 руб.

Lizzie McGuire Mysteries: Hands Off My Crush-Boy! - Book #4 : Junior Novel (Lizzie Mcguire Mysteries) 2004 г 128 стр ISBN 0786846364 инфо 2156l.

Book DescriptionLizzie offers to sign on for some truly grueling undercover work Her crush-boy, Ethan Craft, has entered this year's Mr Teen Hottie pageant-and he's in major trouble Someone is trying to wreанрфзck his chances of winning the top spot! Of course, to ferret out the fink, Lizzie will have to pose as Ethan's girlfriend It's a tough job but somebody's gotta do it, right? (Added bonus: it's sure to seriously annoy Lizzie's archrival-Kate Sanders, Queen of Mean!).

Цена 330 руб.

Четырехколесные монстры Компьютерная игра CD-ROM, 2008 г Издатель: Полет Навигатора; Разработчик: Iridon Interactive пластиковый Jewel case Что делать, если программа не запускается? инфо 2158l.

Садитесь за руль одного из титанов бездорожья! Примите участие в сумасшедших заездах, преодолевая все препятствия, которые появятся у вас на пути! Ямы, канавы, камни и даже легковые машины - совсем не помеха данрфпля огромного грузовика Победить в этой игре можно разными путями - попытаться честно обогнать соперников или же тараном разнести их машины на части Почаще смотрите в зеркало заднего вида - кто знает, не несется ли следом стальной монстр, стремящийся превратить ваш граяшамузовик в груду дымящихся обломков! Особенности игры: Яростные гонки по пересеченной местности на грузовиках 4 режима соревнований 6 мощных автомобилей Возможность играть вдвоем на одном компьютере Гонки в различных климатических условиях и в разное время суток Возраст: 6+ Язык интерфейса: русский Системные требования: Windows XP SP2; Pentium III 800 МГц; 512 Мб оперативной памяти; 300 Мб свободного места на жестком диске; DirectX 9 - совместимая 3D видеокарта с пабмычзмятью 64 Мб; DirectX 9 - совместимая звуковая карта; DirectX 90c; 24-х скоростное устройство для чтения компакт-дисков; Клавиатура; Мышь.

Цена 330 руб.

Mcgrowl #4 (McGrowl) 2004 г 176 стр ISBN 0439434572 инфо 2160l.

Book Description When McGrowl saves the life of a neighborhood cat, the bionic superdog becomes a celebrity McGrowl's original owner, the old lady, spots her former pet on TV and invites him over for a visiансеюt So Thomas and McGrowl set off to the lady's houseThen their trip turns into a wild goose chase! The friends encounter many eccentric characters who send them from one weird and wacky location to the next The mastermind behind it all is the Milton Smudge, who's detаяшмтermined to get McGrowl--no matter what! Thomas and McGrowl manage to escape unharmed, but Smudge vows he'll capture them next time.

Цена 346 руб.

Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman 2003 г 176 стр ISBN 0553487779 инфо 2162l.

Book DescriptionExhibiting serious disregard for human life, a mysterious Batwoman swoops from the sky and destroys a truck transporting a shipment of illegal, high-tech weapons But before Batman and Robin caанрфцn catch her, she escapes into the night Who is the Batwoman? Three suspects emerge—all of whom have their own reasons for wanting to don the outfit Batman must solve the mystery and convince Batwoman that they are on the same team Before she hurts someone—or herself.

Цена 346 руб.