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Dancing the Seas (Dolphin Diaries No 8) 2003 г 160 стр ISBN 0439446155 инфо 2083l.

Book Description Jody McGrath's dolphin dreams are coming true! Her whole family is sailing around the world researching dolphins - and Jody is recording all their exciting adventures in her diary!In the Marантеюquesas Islands in Polynesia, Jody is delighted to spot a large mixed group of spotted and spinner dolphins - especially one she names Twister On the islands, she meets two new friends, Lew and Monique, who work for a local dolphin-friendly tuna boat Jody has the chanаящзпce to witness them in action as they save dolphins But when something goes wrong with Monique's breathing equipment at the last minute.

Цена 341 руб.

Dolphin Diaries #05 (Dolphin Diaries) 2003 г 160 стр ISBN 043931951X инфо 2085l.

Book Description Jody McGrath and her family are sailing around the world researching dolphins, and Jody records all their exciting adventures in her Dolphin DiariesIn the series' fifth book, Jody and the cансгьrew arrive in the Caribbean and make a new dolphin friend, Frida But other dolphins there have been captured and taken to live in dirty, unhealthy conditions--just to entertain tourists! Jody is outraged Can she help win freedom for these dolphins?.

Цена 336 руб.

The Rose Queen (Missing Persons) 2004 г 186 стр ISBN 0142500410 инфо 2087l.

Book Description Sophie and Sam Shattenberg are two Jewish sisters from Queens, New York Both love knishes and kosher pickles Both have said "I’m wawkin’ here!" to cab drivers—and meant it When thанрсэe unthinkable happens and their father dies, the girls are devastated Desperate to get away from their greedy stepmother, they withdraw their father’s money from the bank, pick up fake IDs, and hit the road All is well until their car breaks down outside of Venice, Iаячюыndiana, a town so isolated that the mechanic tells them, "You could get lost here forever" Which is exactly what they decide to do Sam and Sophie arrive in the small town of Venice, decide to stay, and try to blend in They get jobs, make friends, and practice "talking the talk" instead of "tawking the tawk" Then the most popular girl in town—the queen of the upcoming Rose Festival—disappears The sisters were the last people to see her and so becбмыцчome prime suspects Sophie and Sam realize that they’re going to have to find the missing girl themselves if they want to clear their names Even if their names are fake.

Цена 395 руб.

Uncovering Sadie's Secrets (Bianca Balducci Mystery) 2005 г 203 стр ISBN 0843954973 инфо 2089l.

Book DescriptionAllow us to introduce Bianca Balducci, a normal fifteen-year-old girl attending a co-ed parochial school in Baltimore, Maryland She worries about her hair, her clothes, her would-be boyfriend ансджDoug… …And solving real-life mysteries? That’s right! Watch out Nancy Drew, Bianca is on the case—and this case revolves around Sadie Sinclair, the new girl Bianca has gone out of her way to befriend, only to discover that she’s more than a little odd, and hiding somаяшкьething really BIG! Did someone actually see Sadie, who’s only fifteen, driving a car? Why did she freak out at the idea of playing the lead in the school play? And why is Sadie being stalked by a nefarious duo of grown-ups? To figure out what's causing Sadie's perpetual weirdness, Bianca enlists the help of her private-eye sister Connie, her best friend—and planner extraordinaire—Kerrie, and eventually her boyfriend-in-waiting Doug Before too long, Bianca & Company realize thaбмыщt Sadie is involved in something quite serious, and Bianca, unable to contain her desire to know the truth, finds herself tangled in more and more messes, with almost no time left for homework, or for the dreamy Doug Just before time runs out on helping her new friend, Bianca finally uncovers Sadie’s secrets, and, in the process, learns a lesson or two that all do-gooder sleuths would benefit from learning themselves Combining slapstick with intelligent wit, Uncovering Sadie's Secrets is a delightful, thoroughly entertaining mystery that pulls, grabs, and sticks while providing laugh-out-loud moments and smiles throughout.

Цена 394 руб.

Moonshiner's Gold 2003 г 208 стр ISBN 0142500232 инфо 2091l.

Book DescriptionWhen fourteen-year-old Riley goes to investigate some strange activity on a remote section of his family's ranch, he meets up with a group of renegades running a moonshine still Riley knows thантжыat this never would have happened while his father was alive, but ever since his daddy died it's been a struggle to keep the ranch safe Fortunately, Riley's Grampy shows up just in time to help With Grampy in the lead, the family sets off to find the truth, and gets аящипcaught up in a crime ring that extends farther than any of them ever imagined A compelling mystery, this book combines an intriguing cast of characters with an oft-overlooked period in American history.

Цена 394 руб.

Dolphin Diaries #07 (Dolphin Diaries) 2003 г 160 стр ISBN 0439446147 инфо 2084l.

Book Description Jody McGrath's dolphin dreams are coming true! Her whole family is sailing around the world researching dolphins - and Jody is recording all their exciting adventures in her diary!While visiанрсыting the Canary Islands, Jody is thrilled to see the largest dolphin species in the world! But all is not well in this island paradise Jody discovers that the dolphins are at risk of being injured by speeding ferries that link the islandsHelping these dolphins might аячюъprove to be Jody's biggest challenge yet!.

Цена 340 руб.

Knights' Kingdom: Quest for the Tower (Lego Knight's Kingdom) Издательство: Scholastic, 2006 г Мягкая обложка, 24 стр ISBN 0439788013 инфо 2086l.

The peaceful reign of King Jayko is threatened when Lord Vladek unexpectedly returns with an army of Rogue Knights The fate of Morcia is determined by King Jayko and his two newest knights as they race againsантжсt Lord Vladek and his evil warriors to protect the Tower of Ages Will their strength and courage enable them to get past the dangers and defend the tower from falling into the hands of evil? Pap/Crds edition Автор Майкл Энтони Стил Michael Anthony Steele.

Цена 370 руб.

The Venetian Policeman (Missing Persons) 2004 г 176 стр ISBN 0142500437 инфо 2088l.

Book DescriptionAfter assuming new identities and hitting the road to escape their wicked stepmother, New York City natives Sophie and Sam find themselves calling small-town Venice, Indiana, home Venice is a антжщfar cry from New York&150which isn't always easy for the sisters&150but it's the perfect place for them to settle down and try to blend in Teaming up with the local private investigator, the two sisters begin working on a series of missing persons cases аящигwhile at the same time trying to stay missing themselves.

Цена 395 руб.

Winds Cove 2004 г 240 стр ISBN 1932307001 инфо 2090l.

Book DescriptionJackie didn't long for an exciting life; she only wanted to survive high school But, as she becomes entangled in a mystery from a half-century earlier that haunts an entire town, the ever presансдзent hand of God is revealed, and Jackie comesface to face with the secrets of her own past.

Цена 394 руб.

Max the Mighty Superhero 2003 г 95 стр ISBN 1894222687 инфо 2092l.

Book DescriptionMore than anything else, Max wants to be rich and famous before he's 13 But his get-rich-quick schemes often end in spectacular disaster In this episode, Max thinks that saving lives and doinантжьg good deeds might just be the ticket, especially if reward money is involved But there aren't any Wanted posters at the local police station, nobody seems to need or want his help, his best friend Sid is getting impatient, and Officer Todd tells Max sternly to leave аящиуthe police work to professionals In spite of the roadblocks, Max manages to sniff out a real down-and-dirty dognapper, and he and Sid surprise themselves when they emerge as the heroes of the day.

Цена 393 руб.